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Welcome to Let's Talk About...

Updated: Sep 26, 2023

Let's Talk About... is Every Dog Training's blog, where you can find tips, tricks, and information on raising a puppy, training a dog, and finding a new best friend.

My name is Katherine Smith. I'm the owner of Every Dog Training. I received my Associate Dog Trainer certification through the International College of Canine Studies. I offer three main services: Basic Obedience Training, Adoption Counseling, and Behavior Adjustment.* With Let's Talk About..., I hope to give families the information they need to better understand their canine.

Funny dog on back
Bella, my personal dog.

Future Blog Posts on Let's Talk About...

Let's Talk About... blog posts will be published on Tuesdays, so be sure to check back every week. Things to look forward to:

  • Training tricks

  • Tips on raising a puppy

  • Product recommendations (honest reviews; no affiliations)

  • Recipes for dog treats

  • Random information about canines

See you next time!

See you next Tuesday! Have an idea for a Let's Talk About... blog post? Leave a comment.

*You can learn more about the services I offer by visiting

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