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About Me

My name is Katherine Smith.  I have owned dogs all my life, but I began working closely with dogs in 2017 at TIRR Rescue.  That was where I fell in love with helping dogs who have behavior issues.  While basic obedience training is important, my passion lies with behavior adjustment and rehabilitation.  My goal is to make life with your dog easier and better.  My mission is to end canine euthanasia due to behavior problems.

I received my ADT certification through the International College of Canine Studies.  I finished the program in 2022 and immediately jumped into starting my own business.  I chose to begin my own rather than get a position at a training facility because I wanted the freedom to do what I thought was best for the dog and owner rather than having to follow a cookie-cutter training method.  While I believe aversive methods can be useful in certain instances (at some point you have to push the dog past its fear to show it there is nothing to fear), I do not believe in yanking a dog around by its collar.  I also believe that every dog is different, and a one-size-fits-all training program will not work for every dog.

If you have any questions regarding my training methods, please feel free to reach out using the contact form.

Drew and Katherine

Certifications: Associate Dog Trainer

Pet First Aid & CPR

Understanding Canine Behavior

Behavioral & Cognitive Differences Between Owned & Shelter Dogs

Distracted Dog

Solving Separation Anxiety

Solving House-Training Issues

Different Breeds, Different Needs

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