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Let's Talk About...Hygiene

Updated: Sep 26, 2023

Over the next several weeks, I'll be talking about your pup's hygiene. From ears and teeth to bathing and brushing, we'll cover what to do, how to do it, and how often it should be done. Keep reading for a sneak peek at the areas we'll look at and some of the topics we'll cover.

Bella looking down at you

Ear Hygiene

  • How often should you clean them?

  • How should you clean them?

  • What products do I use?

Eye Hygiene

  • What's with the goop?

  • What about tear stains?

  • When to seek professional help.

Teeth Hygiene

  • Should you brush your dog's teeth?

  • Dental treats: yes or no?

  • Is professional cleaning worth it?

  • What do I do?

Nail Hygiene

  • Clipping vs Grinding vs Cauterizing

  • Scratch board: what it is and how do you use it?

  • My method for Bella's nails.

Coat Hygiene

The coat will be discussed in two parts: brushing and bathing. There a lot of topics to discuss for each, so I'll break them up: easier for you to read and easier for me to write.


  • How often should you brush your pup?

  • What type of brush should you use?

  • The benefits of regular brushing

  • What products do I use?


  • How often should you bathe your canine?

  • The benefits of baths.

  • To blow dry or not to blow dry?

  • When to see a groomer.

  • How I bathe Bella.

Bella relaxing

Don't forget to come back in the following weeks to learn more about how to keep your pup's hygiene in tip-top shape. Be sure to subscribe to get alerts whenever the newest blog post is available!

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